How Much Property Tax Can You Write off in Florida?

In Florida, local governments levy property taxes to fund public services such as schools, roads, and public safety. This ensures a fair and transparent system where everyone contributes based on their property’s value. The tax rate is then applied to this estimated value to calculate your Brevard County Property Appraiser tax bill. Deducting property taxes … Read more

Why would a person need services from Brevard Appraisal Group?

A person may need the services of Brevard Appraisal Group for a variety of reasons. There are several advantages to using this reputable company to evaluate your property. At Brevard County Property Appraiser, Brevard Appraisal Group is known for its expertise in the field and its commitment to providing accurate and reliable appraisals. Benefits of … Read more

How is an appraisal different than a home inspection?

An appraisal is different from a home inspection in terms of their purpose and scope. While Brevard County Property Appraiser determines the value of a property for a lender, a home inspection evaluates the condition of a property for the buyer. Key Differences Between an Appraisal and a Home Inspection Let’s understand what an appraisal … Read more

What is the difference between an appraisal and a comparative market analysis (CMA)?

Brevard County Property Appraiser appraisal is a formal evaluation of a property’s value conducted by a licensed appraiser, while a comparative market analysis (CMA) is an informal estimate of a property’s value prepared by a real estate agent. Understanding the Purpose and Process of an Appraisal An appraisal and a comparative market analysis (CMA) are … Read more

What can I expect to see in my appraisal report?

The Brevard County Property Appraiser Report provides a detailed analysis and assessment of a property’s value. This typically includes information about the property’s features, market conditions, comparable sales, and the appraiser’s final assessment. The purpose of the appraisal is to provide an objective and unbiased assessment of the property’s value. Key Components of an Appraisal … Read more

Where does Brevard Appraisal Group get the data used to estimate values in Brevard County or other areas?

The Brevard County Property Appraisal Group obtains the data used to estimate values in Brevard County or other areas from a variety of sources, including public records, local real estate listings, and databases that provide information on current property sales and trends of market. Public Records and Property Data Sources Public records are a valuable … Read more